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About Us

Our mission as a Japanese restaurant is to deliver the highest quality Japanese cuisine that is valued fairly and delivered with friendly service in a unique environment. Our name is the heart and soul of our restaurant. Oishi, pronounced O-EE-SHEE, is a Japanese word that means “delicious” and “Hino”, means “everyday”. With this meaningful name, we strive to prepare the freshest and most flavorful dishes with the finest of ingredients all the while preparing it with striking presentation every day for each and every one of our customers. Come experience an intriguing and exciting performance perform by our Teppanyaki chefs as they entertain and delight you with their masterful cooking and skills right at your table. For the sushi lovers, our large variety of fresh and high-quality fish is sure to impress. Enjoy your meal with your favorite drink from our full bar. We look forward to seeing you!

Enjoy a memorable experience